Wear, watch and draw to understand the hand

Do you offer discounts for larger volume purchases?

YES. For orders of 10 or more gloves, please email us (info@anatomysoftwear.com) for a quote and to discuss options.

Do the gloves come with markers?

No, but you simply use permanent fine-tipped markers - suggested colours are red, orange, green, blue and purple.

Can I use non-permanent markers and wash the markings off the glove to redo the glove drawing?

We cannot guarantee that non-permanent markings will completely wash off the glove and thus do not recommend this approach.

How long is access to the online videos?

Online access is for 1 year.

Are there different glove sizes?

No, different sizes are not necessary as the stretchable fabric allows it to fit adult hands, from small to large.

How much time should I allow to complete the glove-drawing?

There is about 50 minutes of video content but we suggest allowing about two hours or more to complete the full glove drawing.

Is it just for student education? 

NO. The system has also been used with clinicians in face-to-face continuing education courses and independently in self-guided learning.

As a university/college instructor, how can I use the anatomy glove in my courses? 

Educators are using the gloves in various ways:

  • Students are instructed to watch the videos online and do the drawing as an out of class activity; during a follow-up class the drawn gloves are used to reinforce hand anatomy, surface anatomy and explain clinical conditions.

  • The educator incorporates the glove drawing activity into a 2 or 3 hour class.

  • The educator asks the students to hand in their completed glove to be evaluated.

As a clinician – what  can I use the glove for?

Clinicians use the glove to refresh or enhance their hand anatomy and function knowledge.

Can it be used for patient/client education?

YES. You can put an examination/latex/rubber glove on the client's hand, then the bare bones glove, then another examination glove and draw on that to explain an injury or surgical procedure. Then take a photo and email to the patient/client (if that is allowed).

As a student, how can it help me in my course learning?

Students have ordered gloves as an adjunct to course materials to help them better understand the anatomy and function of the hand and prepare for tests.

Can I progress at my own pace while playing the videos?

YES. You can start and stop the videos and even come back to them at another time.

Can our university/college bookstore handle the sales to our students?

YES. Please email us (info@anatomysoftwear.com) for a quote or to discuss options.

Do you ship anywhere in the world?

YES. Generally shipments take between 1 and 2 weeks to arrive, depending on the destination.