NEW - Video instruction now available in FOUR languages - English, French, German and Portuguese

Wear watch and draw, to understand the hand

The Anatomy Glove Learning System is a pre-printed, stretchy, anatomically correct glove that you wear and draw upon while you watch a series of 12 videos. You receive expert instruction, including dissections, as the videos take you through drawing the hand structures on the glove.

Before and After drawing the Muscles onto the Glove


How the Anatomy Glove Learning System Works

Our multi-language videos teach: 

    • Hand anatomy on dissected specimens
    • Surface anatomy
    • The function and innervation of muscles
    • Drawing muscles on the glove
    • Anatomical explanations of common clinical conditions 

Sample Video


Anatomy Glove Users

Clinicians, students and faculty from all over the world use the Anatomy Glove and videos. We have videos in English, French, German and Portuguese.

CLICK to Download a two page PDF that describes how to use the Anatomy Glove Learning System for Student or Clinician Education



Our glove and videos are used in

Allied Health 
Physical Education / Kinesiology
Biomedical and Rehabilitation Engineering

    Anatomy Glove and Video Products

    Glove and video set

    Choose a glove for either hand and video language: English, Portuguese and by the end of 2016, also in French.

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    Anatomy Glove Reviews


    The Anatomy Softwear Glove is an exciting learning tool, especially for students who are learning anatomy and appreciate a "hands on"/motor learning approach that involves “doing”.  

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    The Anatomy Glove Learning System is by far the best teaching tool to help students learn the intricacies of hand anatomy, movement and function. I highly recommend this tool to students, educational facilities, teachers, physical therapists, occupational therapists and certified hand therapists. - Certified Hand Therapist and Educator 

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    The Anatomy Glove Learning System is a fantastic concept and a useful learning tool. I used the glove in a team-based ‘flipped class’ session and found that it was valuable for collaborative learning, cementing the anatomy of the hand, and then applying it to understand hand function. Students found the session engaging and appreciated how it facilitated understanding the functional anatomy of the hand.  - University Professor

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